Luxury Home Renovations in Toronto GTA

Whether you are the proud Owner of a Toronto or GTA luxury home, or you have plans to purchase or build a new luxury home, it’s good to know a well respected Contractor near you.

All good builders in Toronto make mistakes along the way to their finished product.  Same holds very true with luxury home renovators.  The difference is that the “good” and “quality” Contractors make fewer mistakes and fix their errors asap.  On the other hand, your local shady builder/contractor may tend to overlook their mistakes and hope you, the consumer, never catches on.


Here are some things to consider when deciding on a new luxury home builder or the renovation company you choose to turn your existing luxury home into the dream home you want.


1.  Do you get along and dialogue on the same level with the same goals based on your desires.

2.  When interviewing, try and get a feel as to whether this Contractor is organized enough to ensure all the work gets done in an efficient and timely manner.  There are many different “hats” or moving parts to be managed during the building or renovating process.  Is this the Leader that will guide everyone to your families desired outcome.

3.  Does the Contractor seem knowledgeable?  Can he give you what you want within your specified budget?  Is he making you aware of all your options?

4.  Always get a sense of their passion in what they do.  Is it their love or is it just their job?  Ask about some of their previous work and testimonials too.


As a real estate Broker and Brokerage Owner in Ontario, I can without hesitation recommend Mr. Jorge Vieira from Vieira Fine Homes in Toronto.  Call him at 416-721-4474


No fancy website, just a very passionate Contractor and Carpenter by trade who has built Million Dollar homes in Toronto for very satisfied customers.  Honesty, Integrity, Passion all directed to what you want as a luxury home owner looking to renovate ( add an addition too) or build a Million dollar plus home from scratch.


Get to know Jorge Vieira here


I don’t recommend people easily.  Jorge Vieira is a Contractor and Builder I recommend to all my friends and family.  We trust and love his work! -  Bruno Cristini, Broker of Record, New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage




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